Can Social Security System Go Bankrupt?

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The Social Security is going bankrupt claim is one that we are hearing often these days. There’s a grain of truth to it – which will delve into in a bit – but most of it is sensationalist drivel. There is no question that it makes for great attention grabbing headlines, and probably plays well into the hands of the retirement planning industry.

But a lot of people are worrying needlessly about this potential outcome. What are the myths – what are the facts? And more important, how can we prepare for whatever will come about?

At the extreme, a Social Security nuclear nightmare is set to unfold at an unknown point in the future. The checks will stop going out each month, then the White House, Congress, and the Social Security Administration will be forced to finally come out and publicly admit that the system is bankrupt.  Although individuals can file chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Federal Government can not.

The elderly will be kicked out of their homes to live on the streets, or – if they’re lucky – with their children. They’ll be wearing 30 year old, threadbare clothing, and dinner will be a can of pet food.

That scenario is the product of a mix of political gamesmanship and media sensationalism. And it works extremely well for all the players in the game. For example, in order for a politician to claim that he is “working tirelessly to save Social Security for our beloved elderly Americans”, he first needs to establish the fact that someone else is looking to take it away. It gets votes, and it gets people reading articles and watching TV programs. Mission accomplished!

If you are buying into this, you’re most likely wasting energy and valuable time.A big part of the reason why Social-Security-is-going-bankrupt is so popular is the fact that so many people rely upon it so heavily. America’s senior citizens count on Social Security to provide 39% of their income and the majority of retirees rely on it to provide more than half their income. Talk of the system becoming history creates powerful negative emotions.  For more see Cash Money Life.

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